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Anonymous inquired Yes I do live in Houston I'm been trying to find a good tattoo artist for 2 months now and I saw yours and was amazed,! I want to know who does yours I want to have the same good quality as yours

i actually dont have his number anymore, i think he moved to cali

neomaxi-dweebie inquired Jnae I miss you, I wish we could've hung out this summer! Hope you have fun in college love ya.

i love you

allpussyaintdasame inquired You can Chew mine?

you are sick if you want a girl to chew on your dick

Anonymous inquired Where are the three weirdest places you have peed while being drunk or high?

lol, i like this question. i actually have never peed in a public place outside, at least not while being high… i have never been drunk before. once when i was little in Connecticut visiting my grandma i peed on this bridge.. not by squatting but by sticking my pelvis out like a boy…. it didn’t work and i got pee all over me…. we had walked to the little beach thing, which was 10 miles from her house… i got a whooping because she told me i smelled like the people in the old home she use to work at lol

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Anonymous inquired Do you enjoy giving head?

I like to chew dicks

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